Zh.M.Bitibaeva, G.N.Nugmanova, T.R.Myrzakul, R.Myrzakulov (Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan)

Knots in magnets

Topological solitons, i.e. stable, particle-like objects with a non-vanishing topogical charge occur in various contexts of the theoretical physics. For example, hopfions i.e. topological solitons with the non-trivial Hopf index have been recently analyzed in a connection with the non-perturbative regime of the gluodynamics [1]. It has been suggested by Faddeev and Niemi that particles built only of the gauge field, so-called glueballs, can be described as knotted solitons with a non-vanishing value of the Hopf index. In this work, the (3+1)-dimensional generalized Landau-Lifshitz equation is considered. It is shown that this equation admits many types knotted configurations which correspond an arbitrary value Hopf index. The results reported are based on the article [2].

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