Valentyn Kucheryavy (Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine)

Self-consistent renormalization. Symmetries and some analytical properties of regular values for 1/2(VA) spinor current-current correlators

Investigations of Ward identities, symmetries, quantum anomalies and some analytical properties of regular values for n-dimensional 1/2(VA) spinor current-current correlators are accomplished. The consideration is carried out in the framework of the self-consistent renormalization, developed by the author previously, for n-dimensional quantum spinor field models in which mass spectrum of many-fermion sector may be both degenerate and nondegenerate. The distinction between the chiral case and the the chiral limit case is investigated as well. The analytical properties are determined strongly by the parameters rn=0,1,2, and dn=0,1, which are constitute the space-time dimension n=2rn+dn. The results carries more new information on the polarization properties of the fermion vacuum which can be used in the neutrino procesess.