Mina B. Abd-el-Malek (The American University in Cairo, Egypt)

Symmetry analysis for stagnation-point flow of Rivlin-Ericksen fluid with uniform suction or blowing

A flow of an incompressible non-Newtonian Rivlin-Ericksen fluid impinging on a permeable flat plate with heat transfer and steady laminar has been studied. We apply normally to the plate, with a constant temperature, a uniform suction or blowing.

The Lie-group method for determining symmetry reductions of system of partial differential equations has been applied. Lie-group method starts out with a general infinitesimal group of transformations under which the given system of partial differential equations are invariant. After the group has been determined, a solution to the given partial differential equations may be found from the invariant surface condition such that its solution leads to similarity variables that reduce the number of independent variables of the system.

The effect of the uniform suction or bellowing and the characteristic of the non-Newtonian fluid on both the flow and heat transfer have been studied and presented graphically.