Valentyn TYCHYNIN 1  and Olga PETROVA 2
1Prydniprovs'ka State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture,
 24a Chernyshevsky Str.,
 49005 Dnipropetrovsk,
2Dnipropetrovsk National University,
 13 Naukovyi Provulok,
 49050 Dnipropetrovsk,

Nonlocal symmetries and generation of solutions of nonlinear heat equations

New nonlocal symmetries and formulae of generation of solutions for the Burgers equation and the nonlinear heat equation u0 - (u - 2u1)1 = 0 are obtained by means of using nonlocal symmetries of the linear heat equation. We construct exact solutions of the Burgers equation with the above formulae and  the nonlocal superposition principle.