Laboratory of Information technologies,
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,
141980 Dubna, Moscow reg.,
Joint Institute of Power Engin. Nuclear Research,

Darboux transformations for the matrix Schr\"odinger equation

The intertwining operator technique is applied to the matrix Schr\"odinger equation. The first- and second-order matrix Darboux transformations, factorization, supersymmetry, chains of transformations are studied. A relation between the matrix first-order Darboux transformation and supersymmetry is considered. The main differences between the matrix supersymmetry and the standard scalar supersymmetry for one Schr\"odinger equation  and for the coupled systems of equations are
discussed. An interrelation is established between the differential and integral transformation operators.  It is shown that in a particular case  the second-order integral transformations turn into expressions for matrix solutions and potentials obtained by the inverse  problem with degenerate integral kernels. Using unitary time-dependent transformations, we construct exactly soluble time-dependent generalizations of exactly soluble time-independent equations. The approach opens new opportunities for modelling the quantum dynamic systems with desired properties, for instance, quantum wells with the properties of dynamic localization.