Leonid SLAD
Skobeltsyn Institute of Nuclear Physics,
Moscow State University,
119899 Moscow,
E-mail: slad@theory.sinp.msu.ru

Electroweak interaction model with an undegenerate double symmetry

The initial $P$-invariance of the electroweak interaction Lagrangian together with the low-energy results of the Weinberg-Salam model is provided by a local
secondary symmetry. Among the transformation parameters of this symmetry there are both scalars, and pseudo-scalars with respect to the orthochronous Lorentz
group. In such a model the fields of $W$ and $Z$-bosons are a superposition of  polar and axial four-vectors, and the physical vacuum, being a condensate of
Higgs fields, does not possess a definite spatial parity. The model naturally allows for the existence of the axial photon and its possible nonuniversal interaction with the neutrinos of various types.