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Auger transition spectra through de-excitation decay of inner-shell vacancy in atom

The relaxation of core hole in atom via parallel Auger cascades leads to the production of highly charged ions. During Auger cascade development, several Auger satellite spectra arise from the presence of spectator vacancies in the electronic configurations. The production of spectator vacancies after each Auger transitions cause characteristic energy shifts and more multiplet splitting. The change of Auger transition energies and transition rates, which arises from the presence of multi-vacancies in the configuration, is calculated for Ne and Ar after K-shell ionization. The shift of the transition energy depends on the spectator vacancy distributions in the configurations. The change of transition energies in course of cascade development may close some low-energy Auger channels. The consideration of these forbidden Auger transitions in the calculation of highly charged ions leads to results agree well with experimental values.

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