Rosanna MIGLIORE and Antonino MESSINA
Dipartimento di Schienze Fisiche ed Astronomiche,
Universita di Palermo,
Via Archirafi 36,
I-90123 Palermo,

Driving SQUID qubit dynamics via lossy cavity fields

In this work we theoretically analyze the possibility of controlling the dynamics of flux qubits via their coupling with a lossy cavity field. Due to the presence of counter-rotating terms in the qubits-field mode interaction Hamiltonian, we simplify the difficult problem of finding the solution of the system master equation in its infinite dimensional Hilbert space by a truncation procedure, physically meaningful, which confine our analysis in a finite Hilbert space. This theoretical analysis demonstrate the possibility of generating maximally entangled states of two spatially separated qubits via their sequential interaction with the lossy field mode, confirming once more the usefulness of quantized electromagnetic field as tools both for the  manipulation of the qubit state and the coherent control of its dynamics.