Institute of Metal Physics of NAS of Ukraine,
36 Vernadsky Ave.,
03142 Kyiv-142,

Consistent Cosmology, Causal Relativity, and Quantized Gravity as Intrinsically Unified Manifestations of the Symmetry of Complexity

The universal symmetry, or conservation, of complexity underlies any other conservation law, principle, or system evolution dynamics and describes the unceasing transformation of dynamic information into dynamic entropy as the unique way to conserve their sum, the total dynamic complexity [1, 2]. Here we concentrate on the fundamental world structure emergence and dynamics as a result of the universal symmetry of complexity of interaction between two initially homogeneous protofields [2]. It provides the unified complex-dynamic, causally complete origin of space, time, elementary particles, their intrinsic properties (mass, charge, spin, etc.), quantum and relativistic behaviour, and fundamental interaction forces, including naturally quantized gravitation. The old and new cosmological problems are basically solved for this explicitly emerging, permanently changing world structure characterised by strictly positive (and large) complexity-energy [3]. The unified, causally explained quantum, classical, and relativistic properties (and types of behaviour) are generalised to all higher levels of complex world dynamics. We briefly outline various particular applications of always exact, but irregularly structured symmetry of unreduced dynamic complexity to microworld dynamics, including problems of particle physics, genuine quantum chaos, real nanobiotechnology, and reliable genomics.

[1] A.P. Kirilyuk, Universal Symmetry of Complexity and Its Manifestations at Different Levels of World Dynamics, Proceedings of Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine, 2004, V.50, 821-828, see physics/0404006.

[2] A.P. Kirilyuk, Universal Concept of Complexity by the Dynamic Redundance Paradigm: Causal Randomness, Complete Wave Mechanics, and the Ultimate Unification of Knowledge, Naukova Dumka, Kiev, 1997, 550 p., for a non-technical review see also physics/9806002.

[3] A.P. Kirilyuk, Complex-Dynamic Cosmology and Emergent World Structure, Report at the International Workshop on Frontiers of Particle Astrophysics (Kyiv, June 21-24, 2004), see physics/0408027.

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