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The Lax integrable supersymmetric hierarchies on extended phase spaces

Since the paper of M. Adler [1] there was understood that a wide class of Lax type integrable Korteweg-de Vries nonlinear systems and their supersymmetric analogs [2, 3] of one and two anticommuting variables could be considered as Hamiltonian flows, generated by the R-deformed canonical Lie-Poisson structure and Casimir functionals, on a dual space to the Lie algebra of integral-differential operators. The existence of Hamiltonian  representation for these flows, added by correponding evolutions of associated spectral problem eigenfunctions and adjoint eigenfunctions, in the case of super-integro-differential operators of one and two anticommuting variables is investigated by use of the invariant Casimir functionals' property under some Lie-Backlund transformation [4].

The following hierarchies of additional symmetries in a Lax type form are proven to be Hamiltonian ones. It is shown that the additional symmetry are generated by the Poisson structure, being a tensor product of the canonical Lie-Poisson and some canonical finite-dimensional super-Poisson ones, and a functional, being a sum of Casimir one and the corresponding power of a spectral eigenvalue. The connection of additional symmetry hierarchies with (2|1+1)- and (2|2+1)-dimensional supersymmetric Davey-Stewartson equations of one and two anticommuting variables accordingly and their triple linear representations are established.

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