Vasyl FEDORCHUK 1 and Volodymyr FEDORCHUK 2
1Institute of Mathematics,
 Pedagogical Academy,
 Podchorazych 2,
 30-084 Krakow,
 Institute APMM of NAS of Ukraine,
 3b Naukova Str.,
 79601 Lviv,
2Ivan Franko Lviv National University,
 1 Universytetska Str.,
 79000 Lviv,

Symmetry Reduction of Some Classes of the First-Order Differential Equations in the Space $M(1,3) \times R(u)$

The symmetry reduction for some classes of the first-order differential equations (in the space $M(1,3) \times R(u)$) invariant under splitting subgroups of the Poincare group P(1,4) to classes of differential equations with fewer independent variables is made.