Oksana CHARKINA and Mikhail BOGDAN
B. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics,
47 Lenin Ave.,
61103 Kharkiv,
E-mail: charkina@ilt.kharkov.ua, bogdan@ilt.kharkov.ua

Internal modes of solitons and near-integrable highly-dispersive nonlinear systems

The transition from integrable to non-integrable highly-dispersive nonlinear models is investigated. The sine-Gordon and $\varphi^4$-equations with the additional fourth-order spatial and spatio-temporal derivatives, describing the higher-order dispersion, and with the terms originated from nonlinear interactions, are studied. The exact static and moving topological kinks and soliton complex solutions are obtained for a special choice of the equation parameters in the dispersive systems. The problem of spectra of linear excitations of the static kinks are solved completely for the case of the regularized equations with the spatio-temporal derivatives. The frequencies of the internal modes of the kink oscillations are found explicitly for the regularized sine-Gordon and $\varphi^4$-equations. The appearance of the soliton internal modes is believed to be a criterion of the transition between integrable and non-integrable equations and it is considered as the sufficient condition of non-trivial (inelastic) interactions of solitons in the systems.