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To all the people I love

Wherever you are it's your friends that make your world.

Since there is nothing so well worth having as friends, never lose a chance to make them.

Each day I live I want to be

a day to give the best of me.

Ne laissez personne venir à vous et repartir sans être plus heureux.

Mère Theresa


This is Me
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Hello!  My name is  Anna, and I hope that you are not looking for anything special here, since this is just an ordinary personal Web page, which I have created for my friends and especially those who would like to become my friend.

The information below might help you to get to know me better, and I would be very happy to hear from you if you decide to let me know your opinion on this page or anything that you would like to discuss.


Любовь - интеpеснейшая и самая пpостительная из всех человеческих слабостей.

Ч. Диккенс

                Мои слабости :

I LOVE traveling and meeting people.
My favourite country is UKRAINE, and I have visited eight european countries and would be glad to see many others.

I love cycling. My personal record is 52.8 km which I did once cycling up and down through the beautiful Irish hills.

I cannot imagine my life without music.
When I'm happy I love to dance and to listen to some joyfull music,
when I feel lonely I love to play the guitar and to sing sad songs...

I adore animals.
I have two cats and two dogs.

I love sending and receiving E-MAILs and especially E-CARDs.
It would be great to receive some mail from you !!!







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More information about me :

My nationality : Ukrainian.
Languages I speak : Ukrainian, Russian, English, French.
My faith : Evangelical Christian.
My favourite literary character : Jane Eyre (by Charlotte Brönte).
My favourite actors and actresses : Gerard Depardieu, Meg Ryan and Sandra Bullock.
My favourite singers : ABBA.
My favourite song : The Time of My life (Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes).
My hobby : embroidering.
My ICQ# : 168879302.
My Skype-name
: me-anna.

If I forgot to mention something then ASK ME !

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